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Here at Pensacola Computers we strive to offer you services with a difference. From computer repair and problem diagnosis to upgrades to give your computer a fresh start, we can get your system running the way it should. We also offer Learning programs to teach you how to use your computer. We aim to offer outstanding personal service at a price that can’t be beat.

At Pensacola Computers we offer a wide range of services. If you are having computer issues, want to upgrade your system, set up a wireless home network, or just want to learn how to really use your computer, take a look at our service offerings. If you have a question regarding a computer problem, or if you are preparing to upgrade or buy a new computer, CALL US FIRST – our general advice is always free!

A number of local retailers are now offering computer services, but are charging extremely high fees for the work they perform that average over $90 /hr for in store work to $160 /hr for work at your location – Pensacola Computers offers better services for much less, and all our work is fully guaranteed. Not only will will fix your computer, but we will show you how to do it yourself if you are interested at no additional charge.

Emergency Remote Computer Troubleshooting and Repair

Pensacola Computers is now offering Emergency Remote Troubleshooting sessions – for software issues. Using GoToAssist, the latest technology from Citrix the leader in remote support solutions, we can remote into your computer and help you solve critical issues at a moment’s notice. If you would like to set-up a remote support session, please call us at 850.390.4242.

Repair – Computer Service and Diagnosis

Is your computer running slow? Afraid you might have spyware and viruses? Have a computer that won’t start or is not working the way it is supposed to? We can fix hardware problems, software issues, networking difficulties.

Have you ever had something go wrong with your computer, taken it somewhere to get repaired, only to find out after paying for it that it still didn’t work the way you wanted?

At Pensacola Computers we offer an affordable solution for your computer service and repair needs, and all of our work is guaranteed. Unlike many places that will charge you hefty fees to diagnose a problem only to tell you they can’t fix it, or they say they fix it and don’t, here at Pensacola Computers if we can’t fix it – THERE IS NO CHARGE! We know we don’t know everything, and if there is something we can’t fix not only will you not be charged, but we will try to refer you to someone who can fix it for you. Our main goal is to get you up and running – even if we can’t do it ourselves.

If your computer is running slow, or you are plagued by pop-ups and advertising when on the web, let us clean out your system and show you the best way to keep your computer spyware and virus free.

Have you been led astray by salespeople trying to sell you expensive antivirus and antispyware programs only to find that they either don’t work, or your computer runs so slow that it is hard to do the things you want?

At Pensacola Computers we have tested many of the current software products and know what are the best in terms of price and performance. We can also recommend and install a number of the best free programs. Not only will we install and configure them, but we will take the time to show you how to properly use them and give you tips on keeping your computer secure. We also have experience in setting up and securing home networks, including the latest wireless products.

At the customers request we will gladly do all work at your location and you are more than welcome to watch us work. Unlike many other service shops who keep how they do things a secret so they can squeeze more money out of you in the future, we will take the time to explain everything that we do as we are doing it so that in the future, if you feel comfortable doing so, you can do some of the things yourself.

Upgrades – Make your Computer like new

Is your computer out of date, just not up to running the latest applications? Want to upgrade for better performance without spending more than a new computer would cost? Looking to get a home network, or wireless network going. Have you bought a new computer and want to add the options that YOU want. Interested in the new Windows 8, and getting your computer up to speed to run it?

At Pensacola Computers we can upgrade your computer to run better and faster at a reasonable price.

Have you ever been told that your computer is beyond repair or just too old to fix and then been convinced to buy an overpriced replacement?

Here at Pensacola Computers we offer full computer upgrades: hard drives, memory, graphics cards, motherboards and processors. We also offer installation, set up, and security configuration for home networks including the newest wireless networking technology. Unlike many other places that keep a stock of overpriced parts we will scour the web looking for the best price for you from reputable sources and for a small fee we will order the parts for you, or you can order the parts for yourself and have us install them. Of course if it is an immediate need we have a number of local sources for parts, although they cost a bit more.

Of course, there are times when a new computer may be your best and cheapest option and in this case we will help you figure out exactly what you need and help you find the best deals. We also offer a very reasonable new computer set up service in which we will get you set up and connected, and teach you all the basics of your new system. For more comprehensive learning please see our Tutoring Page

Have you ever had to have a part replaced or upgraded your computer and later found out how easy it would have been to do it yourself.

Unlike other places that repair your computer in some hidden room, or even send it out to get it repaired, at the customers request we will perform all repairs in your presence and we will explain what we are doing each step of the way so that if you ever want to do it yourself you will know how.

Most new computers sold by major retailers are lacking in one or more areas, especially memory and graphics. However, you often get the best deals by buying a bundled system and then adding the components you want. Don’t get burned by the retailers who charge excessive fees to install and configure these extras – call us first!

If you are interested in upgrading your computer to work with the new Windows 8, give us a call today, we are Windows 7 Experts!

Pensacola Computers is ready to offer support and upgrades for the new Microsoft Windows 8.

Learning – Computer Tutoring

Do you want to learn how to really use your computer? Want to learn at your pace? Are you interested in Windows 8, Office 2010, or the new Office 2013?

At Pensacola Computers we offer individual, and small business computers classes at your home or business. Classes taught on your computer (or on ours if you prefer). Learn what you want to learn – with a difference

Have you ever wanted to learn more about your computer, but been put off by computer classes that only teach you what they think you should know and not what you want to learn?

Here at Pensacola Computers we offer classes for individuals, families, and small businesses on your own computer. We will teach you the things that YOU want to learn. We will teach you at a pace that is comfortable for you, and you never have to worry about keeping up in class – we will teach you how to do things by having you actually do them on your own computer instead of some classroom computer.

Have you ever picked up a computer book only to find yourself totally lost, afraid to take the first steps in learning, or put off by the high cost of learning materials.

Here at Pensacola Computers we have scoured the web for the best free learning materials and we will provide you with follow up courses which you can take at your leisure for no charge. We also have access to complete Microsoft Learning materials and help resources.

We offer instruction in all versions of Microsoft Windows, including the latest Windows 8. We also specialize in teaching Microsoft Office, including the upcoming Office 2010. We can teach you how to use the common Windows programs as well as most commercial software. If you would like more advanced learning, we also provide instruction in basic Web design, databases, and beginning programming.

Would you like to learn Windows Vista, or even Windows 8? – or are you curious about how to use things like Microsoft Office, or Photoshop? – if you would like a free demonstration, give us a call today! Here at Pensacola Computers we are official Beta Testers for Microsoft and will are ready to teach everything about them to both home and business users.

For Immediate Service, Repair, or Information Requests -

Please call 850-390-4242


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